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When you are planning a visit to Africa, there are so many choices you have to make-choices about which country to visit, tour operator to use, itineraries, and others. There are so many activities that you can in Africa but there are some that stand out of the crowd. These activities have been tested and proved to be great at providing memories, lessons, and inspirations:

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is one of the most memorable activities that you can easily enjoyed once you step your feet on the African continent. The activity is common in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. It is said that gorillas have a close resemblance with humans. The gorillas are organized in groups; they have their elder who is called the silverback gorilla, which is male gorilla whose role is usually to protect members of his group and to give instructions that are beneficial to other members of the group. Once you go for gorilla trekking, the silverback gorilla is easily noticeable by the silver lining at its back.

Mount Climbing

This challenging activity is becoming popular among tourists. Tourists have gained appetite for challenging activities, they want to try until they achieve something and for this case, mount climbing one of the activities that you could do while in Africa. Mount climbing is possible almost in every country in Africa because most countries have Mountain however there are recognizable mountains where you shall surely enjoy that adrenaline pumping activity. Mount Kilimanjaro shall surely offer the best mount climbing challenge, with several routes to use whilst climbing; you shall have a great experience.
Planning a visit to Africa: here are the best itineraries

Birding safari

Birding is a popular in the western world. Most birders form birding groups with an organized list of membership. The members usually have meeting where they talk about the different aspects of birding. Due to the formation of these birding groups, a lot of people now enjoy birding. Much as birds exist everywhere, once you go to the African countries, you shall realize that birds are everywhere and their birding usually starts to arrive at the airport. Of course, you might not get that high resolution camera and start taking photos but you shall surely see the birds wherever you shall be. Birding is great for any kind of tourists; you don’t have to possess a lot of skills to enjoy birding because much of the guidance is provided by the tour guide. Your role however shall be to have a great camera which is ready to take photos.

Cultural tours.

Africa is a cultural continent. Most countries have more than 50 ethnic tribes with their respective and varying culture. If you want to know how you are, sometimes you have to learn how others practice their culture. In almost every country in Africa, you shall be in position to do a cultural tour.

Wildlife safaris

Wildlife is another great safari that you can’t miss out as long as you are in Africa. A wildlife safari is in most cases possible in national parks where the wildlife is found. For you to enjoy spectacular views and hunger for more viewing, it is always better to go to a country which has the wildlife experience that you are looking for.

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