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Are you currently a team of students searching for mixing-up adventure plus research together with study?  Contact us in order that we modify for you an excursion that mixes the above-listed for the enhancement of your understanding plus carrier. We can prepare all that  considering your budget, needs and holiday-time.

We arrange tours plus outings for students considering Africa’s Geography, research and wildlife,  and others. All  student tours are designed to suit  group requirements. We realize your budget as students therefore we ensure we enable them to acquire a lot  using their budget.  All we need is to confirm all your interests and we will counsel you accordingly.
gorilla-tour-booking-safaris-bristish-airways-uganda-student-safaris-gorilla-, Affordable gap year, student tours in Uganda. Are you on internship? Volunteering? Contact us for a tour
Geography of Uganda

Uganda is among the countries which is gifted with geographical features really worth studying as students to boost their knowledge in in terms of international geography understanding is concerned. the country has a number of vegetation types for example Tropical rainforests that consist of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park habitat of mountain gorillas plus Kibale Forest habitat for chimpanzees or other primates, Mabira Forests, Maramagambo, Karinzu and Budongo among others. some  vegetation types consist of swamp vegetation by the rivers like Katonga plus Kagera, and these are significant places for students of zoology plus geography as well as  around the globe.

Great Lakes and Rivers
Uganda is among the  countries with a number of lakes. Included in this are down warped lakes like Lake Victoria which is biggest fresh-water lake throughout Africa along with Lake Mburo. The Grabens or the Rift Valley lakes like Lake Albert, Edward and George   amongst others. We’ve lava damned lakes including Lake Bunyonyi plus Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi is the second Lake throughout East Africa. These along with River nile the longest river on this planet , unquestionably students have a very good bunch to analyze on their Uganda trip.

 Relief Features

Concerning relief, Uganda is actually a plateau though with a large number of mountain ranges well worth studying in so far as geography of the country and African continent is concerned. Uganda contains the Rwenzoris that are the highest possible mountain ranges on Africa, plus mountain Elgon that possesses the greatest crater throughout Africa amongst other mountains including Mgahinga, Sabinyo in addition to Muhavura. Additional relief features similar to the  above include great Western-arm of the  East African Rift Valley plus its  explosion craters for instance  Lake Katwe, Rutoto plus Nyungu,  amongst others found in the Bunyaruguru vicinity in western Uganda.

Reveal to us all your unique demands, we will arrange for your contact persons,  transport, volunteer placement, accommodation, area for research  amongst others.
We so anticipate your inquiries to make certain that we set up for you a good study-trip which will not merely boost your academic knowledge nevertheless, you will value what Uganda provides in relation to world-wide geography.

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